Dokra Ganesh of Bankura…..

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Material: Brass (lost-wax method of metal casting)

Making Process: Handmade, the same technique used to be used during the Mohenjo Daro Civilisation era.

Colour: Golden

Height: 6 inches +-

Width: 4 inches+-

Thickness: 1 inch +-

Shipping: Free (All over India)

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Dokra craft, the ancient, lost-wax method of metal casting, goes back as far as the Mohenjodaro period and has a rich legacy in the history of Bengal’s cum India’s handcrafted artefacts. Today, it has become a symbol of aristocracy and prestige even among the elites of India. Dokra artefacts are admired all over the world for its prehistoric artistic value and simple, traditional figurines of gods and goddesses, of animals and birds and of utility articles. The traditional ironsmiths of Bengal, originally hailed from the District of Bastar in today’s Chhattisgarh, known as Kamars or Karmakars, later settled in the districts of Bankura, Medinipur, Purulia, Birbhum and Bardhaman excel in this delicate and intricate art of metal casting. Bengal’s Dokra with provenance in Bankura and Bardhaman has been conferred on with Geographical Indication (GI) for its unique beauty. Today, Dokra artefacts range from figurines, deities, elephants, owls, deer, horses and other animals to ornaments like anklet, ankle bells, ear-rings, necklace, bangle etc. They also make utility items like nutcracker, kohl holder, vermillion holder, different types of utensils etc that are admired worldwide. Nowadays, they are also making Feng Shui items believed to have charm effects in them.


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