Silk Ghicha Saree from Bishnupur. (Green Base)

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Silk Ghicha Saree is the one of the very essences of Bengal heritage and Symbol of the Tradition of Bishnupur and Age-old Craftsmanship that has spread its essence beyond the boundaries of India. It is simple to look but aristocratic by nature. Rediscover yourself with this exclusive Saree from the Handlooms of Bengal.

Silk Ghicha Saree is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The featured Saree is a genuine handloom product, a combination of Ghicha & Reshom. Ghicha is a coarse handloom silk fabric produced mainly in southern India and has a coarse texture and Connoisseurs all over love it because, combined with Reshom, it yields a perfect contra combination and gives a dated, seedy and uneven touch that adds to the unique charm of this Saree. Ghicha is derived from Tasar and it is 100% natural. It adds to your beauty an uncanny effect with a rustic look and adds a class of its own when it is banded together with Dokra or Pearl ornaments. You become a paragon of beauty……

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Product: Bishnupuri Silk Ghicha Saree with Blockprint…..

Thread: Ghicha and Silk. (Bio Product)
BP: Running BP.
Only one piece of this colour is available.
Colour: Colours of the products may vary according to the colour and light settings of your phone or computer monitor.
Mostly Worn: Corporate Meeting, Party, School, Anchoring, Reception, Presentation, Delegation.
Wash: Hand Wash with a soft detergent. Wet Dry. Do not expose in the direct Sun Light when wet.

Iron: Light & Mild Hot Iron.
Shipping: Free (All over India).
Abroad Shipping: Not available at the moment.
Return Policy: RETURN or EXCHANGE Requests accepted only when a damaged or different coloured product is delivered.


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